Opening Remarks Underway

Getting started on time, Jerry opens with welcoming remarks and introducing sponsors – Ehrenberg Bass, ARF, Wharton Interactive. ARF’s Barocci introduced Joel Rubinson, who’s talking about plans to extend the conference. Special issue of the J. Advertising Research will be issued.

Additional sponsors – SEI (Jerry’s center at Wharton) and Marketing Sciences Institute.

Conference Objectives

. identify the major empirical generalizations regarding advertising and the conditions under which they hold

. identify the changing face of advertising and its emerging trends

. identify new business opportuniites in the advertising domain

. identify research and action agenda for each of us

. createa network for continued sharing and dialogue

Jerry encouraged the audience to consider the current economic environment as we discuss empirical generalizations and the conditions under which they hold.

Future of Advertising Project

Jerry then reviewed the larger Future of Advertising Project of which this conference is a part.  Aim is to discover “What works and what doesn’t work,” through a series of activities and advisories.

Some questions to keep in mind: How confident are we in the generalizations? What additional research is needed?

Conference Deliverables – What we expect to come out of the conference

Expected output: network of participants. Others: continually updated e room and blogs. Special JAR issue. Online Journal of Empirical Generalization in Marketing Science. Papers – conference highlights, emerging trends, business opportunities. Inclusion in the forthcoming book “The Future of Advertising . Is Now”.  New advertising expreiments and actions stimulated by the conference ideas. New academic and industry research agenda. Exploring the viabiliyt of a wikipedia of advertising. Video clips and session videos posted online.

Getting the most out of the conference

Jerry’s comments on “getting the most out of the conference” focused on getting engaged, brevity, being prepared by reading beforehand, and actively discussing the empirical generalizations.

Time for lunch .. Almost

Signing off now for a sandwich … But before we all grab one, Jerry asked us to

identify the single most important challenge facing advertising today.

What’s yours? Add one!


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