Search and Display Advertising Synergy

Gian Fulgoni

Display ad click rates under 1%, on search they run about 5%. Sales impact of a search ad is greater than that of a display ad.

Gian reviewed the topic of cookie deletion.

Cookie deletion is a real issue and “renders invalid” most studies that rely on cookie-based metrics – important implications for understanding consumer behavior and for estimating campaign reach and frequency. 30% of Internet users delete their cookies in a month. Deleters do so an average of 4x/month.

Problems: up to 2.5 times overstatement of unique visitors in server logs; up to 2.5 times overstatement of reach and a similar understatement of frequency in ad server logs; one loses ‘visibility’ of machines with deleted cookies, thereby understating advertising ROI.

Gian summarized a number of comScore studies exploring the effects of search and display ads on site visitation and sales.

Display ads impact site visitation. Impact is greatest during the first week, an effect which lasts over the four weeks following the first exposure. This is true across categories.

Display ads build sales – online and offline.

Combination of search and display leads to greatest sales lift. Search and display synergy: 119% sales increase vs 82% for search and 16% for display only.


8 Responses to “Search and Display Advertising Synergy”

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  4. 4 Jason May 13, 2010 at 1:22 am

    Great post. Add retargeting into the mix and you’re golden. While search helps bring visitors to your site, retargeting helps bring back… Let’s say someone clicks on your site, adds a few items to their shopping cart, then leaves… not exactly the result your were looking for. Retargeting displays your banners on future site they visit while surfing the web. This strategy of keeping visitors engaged can be an effective way to increase ROI.

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