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The So-so-sophists: Erwin Ephron

Erwin Ephron, Partner of The Ephron Consultancy, urged the creation of new models rather than jumping to conclusion or throwing out past knowledge. “Sophists used clever words, not fact or knowledge,” he said, referring to the ancient Greeks.  “Today’s Sophists say fragmentation and newly empowered consumers mean the old model is broken. That is language speaking. Good models tend to be complex, not holistic. There is no single measure that can tell us everything we need to know, even the magic ROI. Holistic data measures are a giant step backwards. Ratings and surveys are not a problem, they are one piece of a very complicated answer.”

“Not since Aristotle has so much Greek been spoken.”

Argument counters the pronouncements of the “death” of traditional practices voiced by today’s sophists – from the Greek for wise people. Erwin explained the limitations of their reasoning while pointing out developments and advances in measurement and consumer behavior that contribute to understanding advertising today. A call to grapple with complexity and to clarify thinking.