Clutter May Have Less Impact Than We Think

What do we know about clutter? Erica Riebe of Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science described the results from 2 experiments, 2 real world studies on radio and TV clutter in high and low clutter conditions. Her findings, with colleagues:

1. When more advertising is aired, audiences recall more ads in both “low clutter” and “high clutter” conditions.

2. Audiences remember a larger % of ads they are exposed to when they see/hear less ads in total. There were advantages to the low clutter situation.

3. Audiences are not better able to identify the brand when the ads are in a less cluttered position.

4. Ads recalled in high clutter are of better quality/more likable on average. “Creative is very important.”

5. Clutter has an impact, but not as large as has been suggested by earlier literature.


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